Sounds of the Internet’s Most Annoying Acronyms

The internet is great at coming up with new words. Some of them are easy to sound out (selfie, wearable, even “emoji”), but acronyms are a much tougher phonetical nut. They’re no less words than the clusters of letters around them, yet don’t have agreed upon pronunciations. When you read them, what do you hear? Here’s my take.

ICYMI  →  nails on a blackboard
WTF  →  farts (the slow, bubbling kind)
TFW  →  whiff of a baseball bat before it whacks you on the head
TBH  →  gasping for breath after huffing paint
LRT  →  air being let out of a balloon
IMHO  →  being poked in the bum by a rhinoceros
OMG  →  church bells pealing out of tune
LOL  →  gagging on a lollipop
GIF  →  empty chortling after the climax of a giant joke