Recipe: Amazing pulled pork, the Instant Pot way

I’ve tried for years to make pulled pork, and never got it right — until this spring.

The key to solving the riddle: my trusty Instant Pot, which I use multiple times a week to make rice and or cook soup and steam whole heads of broccoli or cauliflower.

But I’d never used it to cook meat. I was missing out!

This recipe relies on fresh produce — “It’s amazing the flavors those fruits and veggies turn into,” my husband said — and though the steps aren’t that intensive, it will take a half day to complete because of the pot-cooking time.

Once you have the pulled pork completed, though, it’s the epitome of an easy meal. Perfect for quick burritos. Wonderful cooked into jarred tomato sauce to elevate with pasta. Reheat lightly and sprinkle over salad. Spread it thin on a sheet to crisp in oven and you have carnitas for tacos or nachos.

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