Five Phrases (2014 Jan 11-26)

“Lena Dunham in a jock strap” — (about Adam)

“would grow chest hair on a kale martini” — Craig

“News of the errant rock” — Ian O’Neill 

“A Pigeon Apparatus for the World” — Alexis

“Time waits for no carrot” — CP Gurnani

South StreetSunrise on South Street

Five Phrases (2014 Jan 4–10)

“It looks like her boob is trying to escape by pretending to be a Band-aid” — Anna

“Magniffy” — Sam

“a world wracked by people” — Rob

“gravitational playground” — Alessondra ( archive?)

“linguiful” — Burrito Justice

Ramen at Cheu Noodle Bar