Pleasing Pedals

This one zipped around the gadget, gear, gizmo and design blogs faster than Lance Armstrong on steroids.

A limited edition of 250 Cannondale OnBikes are now available.

The erstwhile high-end bicycle manufacturer went for clean lines and unorthodox profiles for this $6,150 transportation statement.

From the Cannondale website:

Form meets function: Every millimeter of the onBike has been thoughtfully crafted to create a work of art. Ride it and then hang it on the wall. It’s a masterpiece on the road and the gallery.

Available only in black (matte), the cycle’s drive and gears are whisked out of sight, enclosed in a sleek billet-carved sheath that becomes part of the structural frame and connects the rear wheel.

All of the brake cables are also enclosed, and run down the front wheel on a single side, counter-balancing the chain case.

The casing around the drivetrain should keep out dirt, avert misalignment and provide better performance over time.

Perhaps we could get a bicycle loan for this one?

[h/t @aleiter via Gizmodo]

2 thoughts on “Pleasing Pedals”

  1. bicycles are already so beautiful, and this is so ugly and unbalanced! what is gained by removing half of the fork and the seat stays? hang it on the wall? it’s absolutely hideous compared the beautiful simplicity of a real bike’s geometry