Classical Update

neoviolinAustrian designer Gerda Hopfgartner has created a visually beautiful update to one of the most classic instruments of classical music: the violin.

Electric violins have come in a wide assortment of shapes and styles for some time, and there’s even a very interesting looking (but badly named) Squidolin, a digital instrument designed to help novices learn how to play.

But the sleek black Gavari neo-violin appears to be one of the first re-imagined acoustic versions.

It’s set to be presented at the end of the month at Tokyo Design Week, where hopefully some live performances will take place.

Interested to know how it sounds; is it comparable to the baroque versions that have held court for over 500 years?

Hopfgartner hopes so: “Maybe it will change the classical music business,” she writes.

Beautiful curves –> beautiful music?

[via Core77]