The Fourth Dimension Squared

qlocktwoA beautiful amalgam of word and industrial design, the QLOCKTWO tells time in a “typographic format.”

It has a quadratic matrix of letters, where some of the letters are illuminated. The time is displayed in five minute intervals. Just like how people talk to each other. If you need to have a more exact time, look in the corner at the illuminated dots.

It’s available in an impressive six different languages, and five different colors (though according to their twitter feed, it appears they are offering a new “qolor” STEEL as well).

Released in Spring 2009, QLOCKTWO is handmade in Germany, so although the price was lowered after a flurry of press and awards, it will still set you back €885 (around $1,265).

At the heart of this square beauty is a DCF-77 time-signal receiver, so you don’t ever have to set the time. There are four brightness modes, and an auto mode that adjusts according to ambient light.

Bonus: There is also a 99 cent  iPhone App, in German and English.

Additional geeky bonus: The image of the clock on their website displays the actual time, syncing with the clock on your computer.

Super cool.

[via swissmiss]