Idea of a Tree

idea_tree11The Viennese design firm mischer’traxler has developed recorder one, a completely solar-powered machine that makes furniture.

This furniture (benches, lampshades, stools) is unique. Each individual piece is unique, in fact, because its height, shape and color are determined by the natural surroundings of the machine — specifically, by the amount of sunlight falling on the solar panels.

Beginning at sunrise, the loom dips threads through dye and glue, and winds them around a mold until the sun disappears again. So if the machine is not on the equator, you’ll get shorter pieces in winter, longer in summer.

The passing of clouds or shadows throughout the day determines the saturation of color and the thickness of the weave.

idea_tree3Interesting idea. I would love to see other, more complex shaped objects created this way. And different colors in a single piece — perhaps a gradation between two — could probably be worked out.

[Via DesignBoom and Dezeen]